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Program Costs

Plan Ahead

  • Calculate all of your current costs, including rent or dormitory costs, travel, entertainment, books and supplies, etc. to determine your annual budget. Use this as a baseline for comparison of costs abroad. Do not plan with the idea that you will find work abroad.
  • Various factors influence study abroad program costs: country, local cost of living, length, and type of program. Determine your needs and interests and compare the features and costs of various programs to find the best match. Make the program work towards your long-term goals and it will be worth the investment.
    • Use this Cost of Living Comparison to project any differences in everyday costs such as groceries, for transportation and rent.
  • Apply for financial aid far enough in advance to determine your financial aid award and budget accordingly.
  • Set your priorities. Work longer hours or get that part-time job if you will need additional funds for studying abroad.