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Academic Information

Academic Disciplines Open to Exchange Students

Bachelor’s B | Master’s M

College of the Arts

Art* (B,M)
Dance (B)
Design* (B)
Film* (B)
Music (B,M)
Theatre (B,M)

College of Business Administration

Accountancy (B)
Finance (B)
Information Systems (B)
Management & HRM (B)
Marketing (B)
Legal Studies in Business (B)
International Business (B)
Business Administration (B)
Supply Chain Management (B)

College of Education

Liberal Studies* (B)

College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (B,M)
Chemical Engineering (B,M)
Civil Engineering (B,M)
Computer Engineering (B)
Computer Science (B,M)
Construction Management (B)
Electrical Engineering (B,M)
Mechanical Engineering (B,M)

College of Health and Human Services

Speech-Language Pathology (B,M)
Criminology, Criminal Justice &
Emergency Management (B,M)
Family & Consumer Sciences (B,M)
Child Development and Family
Consumer Affairs
Fashion Design*
Fashion Merchandising*
Nutrition and Dietetics*
Food Science
Hospitality Management
Health Care Administration (B,M)
Health Science (B,M)
Kinesiology (B,M)
Exercise Science
Sport Psychology and Leadership
Public Policy & Administration (M)
Recreation & Leisure Studies (B,M)

College of Liberal Arts

Africana Studies (B)
Anthropology (B,M)
Asian and Asian American Studies
Chinese (B)
Japanese (B)
Korean (B)
Chicano and Latino Studies v(B)
Creative Writing (M)
Communication Studies (B,M)
Comparative World Literature &
Classics (B)
Economics (B,M)
English (B,M)
Geography (B,M)
History (B,M)
Human Development (B)
Journalism and Mass Communication (B)
Linguistics* (B,M)
Philosophy (B,M)
Political Science (B)
Psychology (B,M)
Religious Studies (B,M)
Romance, German, Russian Languages
and Literatures (B,M)
Sociology (B,M)
Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies (B)
American Indian Studies (B)
American Studies (B)
Environmental Science and Policy (B)
International Studies (B)
Jewish Studies (B)
Latin American Studies (B)
College of Natural Sciences &
Biological Sciences* (B,M)
Chemistry & Biochemistry* (B,M)
Geological Sciences (B,M)
Mathematics & Statistics (B,M)
Physics & Astronomy (B,M)
Science Education (B,M)
Environmental Science & Policy (B)

Some departments require a portfolio review prior
to enrollment.

*Limited availability,these courses quickly fill to