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Explore CSULB Programs

How to Research and Select a Program:

In order to maximize your study abroad experience as a whole, you will need to think about where you want to study and how you plan to incorporate these experiences into your studies. Consider the following questions as you explore the searchable database to find programs suitable for your academic major, geographic interests, and career goals.

What is your major?
Do you have a specific subject area that you want to focus on while abroad?
How much time do you want to spend abroad?
How does study abroad fit into your degree requirements?
Does the program which you plan to participate in have language requirements? If so, do you meet the requirements?
Are you interested in a program taught entirely in another language?
Is obtaining academic credit important or do you want to go mainly for the experience?
Would you like to study abroad more than once?

Geographic Interests
Where would you like to study?
What countries, cultures, languages interest you?
How much immersion in the culture would you like to have?
Is there something happening in the world that piques your interest that you would like to learn more about?

Financial and Personal Items to Consider
What is your budget?
Are you in need of financial assistance to help finance your program?
Do you want to explore family roots?
Are there any past or current events in places around the world that may impact your study abroad experience there?

Career Path
Are you interested in participating in an internship or service learning opportunity while abroad?
What will boost résumé and/or graduate school applications?