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On-campus housing is available but not guaranteed to exchange students. This is a good option for students who would like to share a bedroom, bathroom, and dining facilities. CSULB has 18 residence hall buildings on campus and an off-site residential complex, accommodating more than 2,400 students. All halls are coeducational, and with the exception of a limited number of single rooms at Residence Commons, the rooms are intended for double occupancy. Students are assigned same-sex roommates, and bathrooms are not coeducational. A custodial staff maintains all bathrooms and public areas. We highly recommend International House which helps pair international students with U.S. students.

On-Campus Housing Application:

The application process for housing is completed online at this link.

Students must have a CSULB student ID number and password to complete the application which will be distributed upon acceptance into the program. Fall/Academic year application period is mid-March to early-May. We recommend that students complete their applications on time to increase chances of placement, late applicants may be placed on a waiting list. Students can make payments online through our web portal's secure payment system, complete a wire transfer, or send in a cashier’s check. Money Orders are not accepted. More resources and details about off-campus housing is available at this link.
Fall semester students should be aware that the housing office only issues yearlong contracts. Therefore, students will be required to sign a contract for the entire academic year and then obtain a letter from our office at the end of the term to receive approval to end the contract early. Spring placements are based on available space or departures which greatly varies each semester.

If you are placed in on-campus housing, you will not be able to move in until the weekend after our mandatory orientation. You will have to find temporary housing for that week until you can move in.
If you are not placed in on-campus accommodations by the time you leave for our university, you will have to find temporary housing until you find a more permanent place. Please refer to the temporary housing options listed below:


Students that are seeking a more independent experience may want to explore off-campus housing options as they provide more flexibility and privacy. In many cases, off-campus housing in Long Beach can be more affordable than on-campus dormitories. The campus is in a central location and many of the buses connecting to other parts of Long Beach, and even other cities, run through or near the campus which makes living on or off campus equally convenient. All students are able to obtain a free bus pass called a ‘Tap Card’ for local transportation within the city.

We recommend that students search for and arrange this housing as early as possible after receiving their official admission letter. Some students elect to arrange temporary housing upon arrival to give them time to find and confirm housing. More information and resources regarding off campus housing can be found at this link:

When looking for off-campus options, please refer to the apartments our exchange students frequently stay with:

Homestay Option:

The following homestay options are NOT affiliated with CSULB:

Facebook Groups:

Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page to get in touch with exchange students who are leaving our university and offering a place in their apartment. They may also be helpful in referring you to off-campus housing.